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Insurance is a rich and complex industry, and we are always open to share other voices and points of view with our listeners. If you think you have something worth sharing and you would like to be a guest in our podcast and chat with Tony about insurance, starting and running a business, and similar topics, apply below for a chance to be a featured guest.

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Our favorite kinds
of guests are...


Have you started from the bottom and now you’re here? We would love to hear your success story and what you think those who are taking their first steps in the industry need to know. Extra points if you have good anecdotes.


We love data and science, so if you have been doing academic research in the fields of economics, insurance and finance we would be happy to have you over for a chat about the science behind market behavior, sales and profit.


Insurance can be a dry topic for some… but we are passionate about it. If insurance and business talk makes your heart beat faster, and you want to share your passion with the world, drop us a line and tell us why you want to join our podcast.

Uncaptive Agency Podcast

About the Uncaptive Agency: The Future of Insurance podcast

The future of insurance will be driven by data and based on people, and those who don’t evolve will be left behind. In this podcast we talk about running independent insurance agencies, becoming uncaptive, and growing your agency faster than you thought it was possible.

This podcast is hosted by Tony Caldwell, an insurance authority and serial entrepreneur, who has helped hundreds of agencies throughout his career.

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