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Uncaptive Agency: The Future of Insurance

Helping you maximize profits and grow your agency faster than you thought it was possible. Hosted by Tony Caldwell.

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Ep. 27 | strategy

The Future of Insurance Distribution with Ted Paris

In this week’s Uncaptive Agency, I’m joined by the Executive Director of the National Association of ...

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Ep. 26 | strategy

Innovation and Technology in Insurance with Angela Noble

Innovation can be a scary word for agencies owners and agents. If COVID taught us anything, it was the need to get comfortable with rapid change. Yet, coming up with innovative ideas, choosing the right technology for your agency, and ...

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Ep. 25 | strategy

Providing Premium Service to your Clients with Denise Johnson

What makes a good service person in the insurance industry? Can you really compete with the lowest cost insurance models? What if you can’t sell? What do independent agents in Oklahoma need to do to stay relevant in today’s economy? The ...

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Ep. 24 | strategy

Giving Back Selflessly to your Community with Nicholas Ayers

Join me as I discuss the power of giving back selflessly to your community with Nicholas Ayers, Chief Marketing Officer at Better Agency. Nicholas believes in the abundance mindset, and how sharing with peers can only make everyone ...

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