Celebrate Your Success!

Having lunch today with an OAA member agency owner who is beginning her fourth year in business turned into a celebration of sorts.  We were talking about planning for future growth, the addition of a new employee, marketing and other subjects when she mentioned that her husband had recently asked her, “If you knew what you know now three years ago, would you have started your business?”

She responded affirmatively but not without some thought!  You see, after the “new” wears off starting a new business from scratch is a bunch of work.  Not only that, it is a foray into the unknown and unknowable. Frankly, it takes guts to start a business.  But, as the insightful husband’s question reveals, it would probably take even more guts if you knew what really lay before you.

So, those of you who have made it successfully through the birthing pains of a launch, who have survived to your version of “success,” I say congratulations!  But me saying it is meaningless really.  I think the most important person to be proud of you is you!  

Entrepreneurs by nature are demanding of themselves.  It is difficult for us to ever be satisfied.  That is a good thing, but it has a downside.  In order to continue to build a successful business it’s important to protect your confidence.  How do we do that?

The best way I know is to periodically (even daily!) look at the positive things we’ve accomplished and how they contribute to our business, our success and our lives.  This breeds confidence and allows us to prepare for the next challenges. 

Take time to celebrate your success!  You deserve it!

Now, those of you contemplating the life of the business owner/entrepreneur let me encourage you by reminding you of the little saying “If it’s to be it’s up to me!”  You too can be successful and soon be celebrating your own success.  If you’d like to short circuit much of the challenge of starting an insurance agency please visit with us.  We’ve helped more than 100 entrepreneurs start successful agencies.  We get to celebrate nearly every day!

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