Think About Entrepreneurs Like Athletes!

It’s a sure bet that many insurance agency owners were athletes at some point in their lives.  The competitive fire that burns inside the entrepreneur was often recognized and nurtured in the games we played as children and youth.  Was that true in your case?

If you stop and think about your athletic endeavors you’ll undoubtedly recall a coach or two who had an impact on you.  Perhaps they helped you learn the game or position you played.  Or maybe they focused their relationship with you on helping improve your performance.  In some cases they may have helped you along life’s path in some other way. 

The one thing that a coach does in all of these situations is help the player get more out of himself than he could on his own.  Regardless of method or activity a good coach pushes the player when he needs to be pushed.  He pulls, he tweaks, he adjusts, sometimes he holds back.  If he is really good he inspires. 

I think those of us who are entrepreneurs are like athletes.  We are involved in a game called business.  We strive to be the best at what we do.  We are always seeking to improve.  We are never fully satisfied.  We want to win! 

soccer  sport manager in business suit coach and football player on stadium with green grass and white ball

So, do we need a coach?

I think we do.  For all the reasons an athlete needs a coach to perform to his own potential the entrepreneurial business person needs a coach to help become the best business person possible. 

Do you have a coach?

I do.  I have had a number of business coaches during my career.  My current coach is a man named Lee Brewer who is an entrepreneur and part time coach working with The Strategic Coach program founded by Dan Sullivan.  Lee, Dan and others on their team push, pull, motivate, train, inspire, equip, lead and challenge their already successful clients to do even more.

Looking back on the progress I’ve made during the period of time I was actively being coached, compared to the times I wasn’t is very instructive.  During the periods of coaching I simply made a lot more progress!

If you have an interest in improving your performance there are lots of coaching possibilities for you to consider—from engaging with your OAA RVP more intensely to hiring a professional coach.  I encourage you to consider it!  And if you’d like to visit in more detail about suggested options please give me a call.  

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