An insurance agency coach will boost your agency’s success

I'd like to write a few lines about why you should think about hiring an insurance agency coach to help you build the successful agency of your dreams and accomplish your goals, whether they include an amazing book of business, perfecting your sales pitch, developing proven sales strategies or becoming better insurance business owners.

The first question to ask yourself is: Do you want to be better? And do you want to be better faster? If you do, think about hiring an insurance agency coach to help you get better, faster. Here are a couple of great reasons to consider hiring an agency coach. 

Why work with an insurance agency coach?

I remember years ago, my wife used to tell me, “Honey, you're going bald. Maybe you might think about taking Rogaine?” But I looked in the mirror every day, and I didn't see a bald guy. I saw a guy with plenty of hair!

That is, until I went on vacation. Afterward, I was looking at pictures from the vacation, and there was this guy standing with this hand in the hand of one of my kids, wearing a jacket that looked just like one of my jackets. The difference was, this guy was bald. And you know what? It turned out to be me! I had been bald for years, but didn't understand that.


Like me and my hair, you may be really successful in building your insurance agency... and yet, you could still be balding a little bit, and you don't know it.

A coach is somebody who brings a different perspective to you, and who tells it to you like it is. 

Every high performer - especially in the insurance industry - understands and recognizes that they can always be better. One of the ways for insurance professionals to get better faster is to bring somebody with a different perspective into the picture to help you see things that perhaps you don't see. Independent insurance sales can be very nuanced, and a good coach will have the insight and experience to easily see your blind spots… or bald spots, if you will. 

Faster improvements

Training programs and coaching programs are designed to help you be better... and great insurance agents always want to be better. 

I remember a few years ago, when Tiger Woods, the famous golfer, was at the very top of his game. He had won the Grand Slam, and that's when he decided to rebuild his swing from the ground up. No one could believe he was doing that! And yet it led him to become an even greater golfer.

Whether you're a new agency owner, or you've been doing this for a really long time, insurance agency coaching is still gonna work for you. The same year that Tiger Woods rebuilt his swing, my 83-year-old father-in-law (who'd been playing golf for 45 years) decided to rebuild his. And you know what? He became a better golfer! But he didn't do it alone, nor did Tiger Woods do it on his own. They did it with the help of a coach. 

The unknown

You may be entering into waters that you've never been in before. Perhaps you're a new agency owner, and you've never built an agency from scratch. Or perhaps you're an owner who's built a very significant seven-figure-a-year income, but you want to build it even further and faster. Either way, it's helpful to have somebody who's seen this before.

Just like people used to hire guides to take them in caravans across the United States, you might better benefit from having somebody who's seen it before to help you spot opportunities and avoid pitfalls. So that’s another reason to think about hiring a coach. 

Talk to a growth coach

Most high-performing business people understand the value of coaching. The question is, where do you find somebody who can help you? That's one of the things that One Agents Alliance does. 

And if you'd like, we'd love to have a conversation with you about the value of coaching and how we can possibly help you grow your agency bigger, faster, and better.

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