Make the Decision!

As business owners, executives as the popular press calls us, we are counted on many times in a typical week to make decisions. We make large ones and seemingly inconsequential ones regularly. In many ways, even though we may play other roles like sales, marketing or human resources manager, the role of decider is paramount.

As owners we decide.

The word “decide” is an old one that originally meant, “to cut off” as in cut off options. It’s related to the word “commit” as in commit to a course of action. When we decide we make a commitment to do something and not do other things.   This is pretty simple stuff. Then why is it so hard for us to decide things?

As business owners there are some decisions that are more important than others. These are the ones we agonize over and delay making. This is normal and usually results in better choices as the decision is well thought out and carefully executed.

On the other hand I have been guilty of procrastinating so long on taking a decision, or avoiding making it, that the decision is made for me. Other times my indecision has resulted in someone else making the decision for me – and that has usually meant in poor results. This vacillation also costs opportunities that are fleeting and missed due to dithering.   Has this every happened to you?

Some of the decisions we have to make aren’t just tough they are painful! This is especially true with those that involve employees. Some decisions are scary like those that involve risking your present success for continued growth. Some decisions are confusing because we can’t see the future clearly. Regardless of how tough they are though, in my experience, it is always better to make them myself than have them made for me.

Another thing I’ve learned, a whole bunch of times, is that the quality of the decision almost never gets better with delay. In fact, I’ve learned that delaying making a decision usually just increases the risk. This happens because options go away and the chance that someone else will decide for me goes up.

What I’ve concluded is that the best decisions are those made as soon as you have all the facts.  

My experience shows that the quality of the decision rarely improves with time. That’s why I say to you “Make the decision!”

Are you facing a tough choice? You’re not alone - most of us business owners are at any given time! Take my advice and decide now!

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